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Anhanguera Flooring and Coatings

You anhanguera floors are nationally known for their quality and efficiency in the composition of coatings. The company seeks to manufacture the parts with quality materials and follow all stages of production thinking about the beauty and functionality of its products. Anhanguera floors serve as a reference in the market and can be found for sale in the main building materials stores.

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Anhanguera Flooring and Coatings

O Anhanguera flooring catalog It is very flexible, with pieces with different designs to suit different decoration styles. In addition to its visible flexibility, the flooring manufacturer also values ​​the main trends in the flooring segment, launching new products each season to update the collection.

THE Anhanguera Ceramics manufactures floors to meet the demand of the domestic market since 2001, and throughout its trajectory it has sought to work based on the best ideas. The company represents a differential in its segment and serves as a model for many others that are seeking space in the manufacture of coatings.

Anhanguera 2 Flooring and Coatings

Anhanguera values ​​the preferences of its consumers, with a range of modern products manufactured with high technology. Although the industry is located in Cordeirópolis (SP), the company sells its parts to construction material stores in Brazil and around the world, consecrating itself with exports.

The group of professionals that works at Anhanguera is prepared to manufacture coatings, dealing with top-of-the-line equipment and working in various stages of production. The company meets all expectations and satisfies the most demanding consumers with its variety of ceramic pieces.

You Anhanguera flooring models 41cm x 41cm vary in terms of colors, formats and finishes, offering the best solutions for indoor and outdoor environments. There are in the catalog from discreet to the most sophisticated pieces, all of them with a charming and incomparable look.

Anhanguera Flooring and Coatings

Where to find Ananguera floors

You representatives of Anhanguera floors are distributed in all Brazilian states and consumers can find a list of addresses on the company’s website. On the page there are also tips on how to preserve the coating and contact details for the manufacturer.

You will know where to buy Anhanguera floors consulting the list of representatives on the official website.

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