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Anger Yoga includes swearing and sulking. Already know?

Anger Yoga is a modality that promises to conquer fans all over the world. It starts with profanity and ends with a beer.

Maybe you haven’t heard of it yet. anger yoga, originally known as Rage Yoga. We can say that there are, of course, aspects in common with traditional physical activity, although anger yoga, as the name implies, has some very different characteristics.

It is consensual that, nowadays, the stress dominates a large part of our society and our lives and we all, in some way, seek ways to free ourselves from it. It turns out that we don’t always find the right way to do it and even the modalities considered more relaxing are capable of irritating us. If so, you might be a serious candidate for anger yoga…

Anger Yoga: Let It All Out

The Yoga of Anger, or Rage Yoga, is a new modality, created by Lindsay Istace, in Canada, and which attracts more and more practitioners. It combines physical exercise, characteristic of yoga, with the verbalization of profanity. Unexpected, right?

In anger yoga, there are stretches, positional exercises and bad moods, with the aim of getting healthy and super zen, while throwing a few insults. But what if this is an excellent recipe to fight stress and still work the body? In Canada, there are already many followers of this phenomenon that promises to spread all over the world.

The yoga and the… swear words

Well, let’s start with yoga. Its relaxing power is already known, which places it as one of the most beneficial modalities for stress relief. Its calming power provides a unique sense of well-being to its practitioners.

As for swear words, we all know that sometimes letting a curse slip out helps to relieve stress and it even seems that the pain we feel when squeezing a finger subsides after we throw a curse word.

And this was proven by a study at the University of Keele, in the United Kingdom, which concluded that a swear word can increase pain resistance. Many psychologists agree that it has a liberating effect, it alleviates and removes feelings of hatred and frustration.

Differences compared to conventional yoga

If you are familiar with some conventional yoga poses, know that anger yoga naturally has some differences, namely:

  • the usual silence of traditional yoga gives way to screams of rage and rage. Practitioners are, therefore, free to speak and, above all, to swear profusely, without judgment or disapproving looks.
  • Stretches also have a place in this yoga, however being (how to say…) more creative. Offensive signals with the arms, hands, and particularly the fingers (or the middle finger, more exactly) are absolutely permitted and encouraged.
  • between classes, there is no tea or biscuits, but rather a few bottles of beer to enjoy, while relaxed and relaxed conversation, without taboos or modesty.


As we mentioned, this is a movement that originated in Canada and that, slowly, is beginning to spread throughout the world, although in Portugal there is still no organization properly formed and focused on its practice and teaching.

However, it is possible buy classes online, directly to the founder of this unexpected phenomenon. There are packages with videos and online training capable of providing you with the basics of yoga, with stretching exercises and even tutorials with 40 different yoga postures. All accompanied by many war cries, which is like saying, a few or so curse words.

For those who are conventional yoga teachers, know that it is also possible to become a certified anger yoga instructor and bring this innovative modality to our country.

If you are still in doubt as to whether this is the right activity for you, then take a look at the following presentation video and find out for yourself.

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