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Angelina Jolie gave a lecture on style during her visit to New York

Angelina Jolie.

Photo: Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images

american actress Angelina Jolie She attracts attention wherever she goes, because in addition to her celebrity status and beauty, she has a style that steals people’s eyes.

Such was the case of his most recent visit to New York, where paraded through the streets of the big city and delighted the eyes of passers-by thanks to her elegant outfit.

It was a black trench coat that she adjusted with a belt, gray pants and black heeled boots that accentuated her kilometric legs. At par, Angelina Jolie wore sunglasses that helped protect her from the flashes of photographers.

Jolie did not walk alone through “the city that never sleeps”, she did it in the company of her daughter Zara. Smiling mother and daughter enjoyed an afternoon of shopping on New York’s Lower East Side.

Another detail that stood out to the public was the fact that The famous woman decided to appear natural and without a drop of makeup, showing that she has a heart attack complexion at 47 years of age.

As expected, Jolie became the target of praise from netizens: “Jolie, a legend”, “My queen”, “Increasingly beautiful”, “The divorce suited her wonderfully” and “Angelina has always been beautiful”, are some of the messages that are read on the net.

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