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Angélica Rivera, “La Gaviota”, goes to a party with her daughters and ends up stealing glances

After appear in a family photograph celebrating Christmas with his ex, Angelica Rivera He is giving something to talk about again on social networks for going to a party with two of his daughterswho shared some images of how well they had in a club.

Despite the fact that she remained out of the public eye after her divorce from the former President of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, the actress who is remembered for her character as “La Gaviota” in the soap opera ‘Destilando Amor’, has once again caused a stir in her most recent public appearances, since in them he has also been strongly criticized for supposedly unrecognizable Due to the abuse of aesthetic surgeries and treatments, even the TVNotas magazine assured that both she and her daughters are obsessed with the scalpel.

However, this time the television star became the topic of conversation on social networks because she decided to say goodbye to 2022 with all the attitude and joined the party with two of her daughters, Sofía and Fernanda Castro, who boasted what It looks spectacular, so much so that once again they were praised by their followers.

The first to expose the protagonist of the telenovela ‘Mariana de la noche’ was Sofia Castrowho through the stories of his official Instagram account shared a photograph in which mother and daughter are seen posing, revealing the great physical resemblance they share.

But who also did not miss the opportunity to show off the excellent relationship they have was the singer fernanda castrosince she in the same way used her social profile to publish a postcard in which she appeared with her controversial mother, but unlike the previous image, they chose to pose in front of a mirror, revealing that more than mother and daughter actually look like sisters.

In the snapshot that was taken up by other social profiles, mainly fans, Angélica Rivera revealed her figure thanks to a monochrome look in black made up of leather pants and a long-sleeved blouse.

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