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Angélica Rivera is in mourning and says goodbye with a devastating message for one of the people closest to her

Despite the fact that he showed that he had a happy holiday season accompanied by his family and friends, Angelica Rivera just suffered a heavy loss in this start of 2023.

The eldest daughter of the ex-wife of the former president of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, he took on the task of making it known that they had an irreparable loss in their most intimate circle.

The person in charge of making the news known on social networks was her daughter Sofía Castro, being Angélica who replied to it on her official Instagram account with an emotional message.

“My friend, my dear Rous. My teacher, my great counselor and life friend. I will always carry you in my heart. I promise to make your words and advice a great learning path, Thank you for being part of me. Rest in peace. Lv forever” she wrote alongside a large photograph of the two of them.

Sofía, for her part, also showed her dismay and shuddered when she said goodbye and thanked her for the friendship she had with her mother: “Thank you dear Rous for loving and caring for my mom so much. You are and will always be an angel for her, who will take care of her on her way forever ”.

In addition, he enhanced the personality of his loved one: “How fortunate for all of us who had you close. A pretty woman. Goodbye, dear Rous, follow our advice from above”, express.

Given these messages, their followers expressed their solidarity with the actresses in mourning and sent them countless messages, wishing for prompt resignation and lovingly supporting their celebrities.

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