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Angélica Rivera and her daughters are obsessed with cosmetic surgery, says a makeup artist

Angélica Rivera Hurtado, the Mexican actress who until 2018 became the first lady of Mexico after having been the wife of the former president of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, returned to monopolize the spaces dedicated to entertainment thanks to the statements of a make-up artist who presumably cares for her and her daughters.

According to the TV Magazine Notesone of the people in charge of beautifying the 53-year-old woman that before arriving at the National Palace, she served as the protagonist of several soap operas, revealed that now she and her daughters are addicted to plastic surgery.

Angelica is already another. Every six months she goes to her surgeon to see what they take out and what they put in. She has an obsession with looking perfect, but the truth is that she and her daughter Sofía have exaggerated with aesthetic arrangements, they have even gotten all bruised after applying botox or hyaluronic acid, and even with swollen eyes“said the makeup artist.

According to the expert in making women look radiant, the Rivera’s goal is to continue rubbing shoulders with the wealthiest families living in Miami.

They intend to continue belonging to the jet-set, hobnobbing with the sons of presidents and billionaire businessmen, They went to have their fix with a Colombian surgeon who treats them in Miami.

The person contacted by TV Notas was emphatic in pointing out that, due to their weakness for aesthetic procedures, the Riveras already look like cardboard dolls.

On one occasion, while we were doing Angélica’s makeup, we noticed her mouth was paralyzed. When she laughs, she doesn’t look natural anymore, He already has a very stiff smile, just like his look; she injects so much botox and hyaluronic acid to remove crow’s feet and dark circles, that she has already lost her natural look, she looks strange, her eyes are more separated and expressionless.
Not to mention Sofia, she has completely lost the naturalness and freshness of her face, her mouth looks like a doll’s. Between tension threads, false teeth, botox, hyaluronic acid and facial liposculptures, they are already completely changed”, he emphasized.

Nevertheless, The cited source still went further by providing every last detail of the plastic surgeries to which Fernanda, the youngest daughter of Angélica Rivera, has also undergone.

“His other daughter, Fernanda, who is a singer, has also undergone surgery. In July 2021, she announced her music debut, and before launching got his nose fixed. According to her, he had it aquiline, so he didn’t hesitate to fix it; she also took off her Bichat bags to sharpen her cheeks, and she is only 23 years old“, he concluded.

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