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Ángela Aguilar: this was the day her luxurious Tesla costing thousands of dollars crashed and her brother rescued her | VIDEO

Angela Aguilar shows off her new car | David Becker/Getty Images for The Latin Recording Academy.

Photo: David Becker for The Latin Recording Academy / Getty Images

american singer Angela Aguilar Not only does her fame continue to rise like foam, she has also positioned herself as a luxury and fashion influencer, since she loves to show off her expensive luxuries such as the luxurious Tesla sports car that she boasts on her social networks.

The Mexican regional interpreter has shown her hundreds of followers this vehicle that has left everyone with their mouths open, since it costs thousands of dollars.

Pepe Aguilar’s daughter has shown that she likes luxury brandsbecause on her official Instagram and TikTok accounts, mainly, she shares photos of her looks and accessories, which most of the time are from renowned fashion designers.

However, this year he made it clear that he not only invests in his clothes, but has also given himself an expensive black car that is perfect for traveling at high speed around the city.

A few months ago, the “Actually” singer showed off her expensive possession, however, not in the best condition, Well, the so-called “Princess of the Mexican regional” had an accident in which her brother Leonardo Aguilar came to her rescue.

The young 19-year-old artist shared with her followers a video on TikTok in which she very sadly showed that she had gotten stuck while taking a tour of one of her luxurious residences.

In the images you can see a black Tesla Model 3 sports car, which has electric performance, with fast acceleration, greater autonomy and fast charging, as specified in its characteristics.

Likewise, it reaches a maximum speed of 250 kilometers per hour and its price amounts to more than 80 thousand dollars, depending on the design. Thus, Ángela Aguilar showed that she has expensive tastes and that, thanks to her successful career, she can get this type of belongings.

However, she is not the only one of the Aguilar Dynasty who has an expensive car, her brother Leonado also owns a Jeep Wrangler truck, with which he helped her get out of the place where she was stuck.

This type of automobile has a price that exceeds one million pesos, it is also characterized by being off-road, so you can walk through grassy areas such as the El Soyate ranch, which is located in the municipality of Villanueva, in Zacatecas.

Ángela Aguilar began her career when she was a child, so at her young age she has several years of artistic career.

For a long time he was working with his father, but recently he has begun to stand out solo with “Mexicana Enamorada”, a tour with which he has toured several cities in the United States and Mexico. Likewise, she has some important awards and has been nominated twice for the Latin Grammy and one for the Grammy..

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