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Ángela Aguilar launches melancholic messages from Paris on social networks, with a dedication?

Angela Aguilar He decided to take advantage of his visit to Europe to travel through the most important countries of the continent and also visit the emblematic places of the cities, as he tells it through his stories on Instagram, The “Princess of ranchera music” uploaded a video in which she informs her followers that she is in Paris.

The American shared images in front of the renowned Eiffel Tower, Ángela Aguilar is shown as a tourist who enjoys her stay in France, but it was not the only thing that she made known from the so-called “old continent”, He also wrote some beautiful and nostalgic words with which he recalled one of Joaquín Sabina’s hits, whom he has recognized as one of his favorite singers.

“I don’t want to kiss your scar, I don’t want Paris with a downpour, or Venice without you…”wrote the singer in a Tweet that she later replied to on her official Instagram account where part of the lyrics of “Contigo” can be seen.

Ángela attended a charity event to which she was invited by the Spanish monarchy, the 19-year-old delighted the attendees with some important pieces in her repertoire, one of which she could not miss was “La llorona” which is also culturally known on an international level.

She mentioned feeling privileged for such a great opportunity, she also assures that it is an experience that she will carry forever in her heart, according to a letter made by the daughter of Pepe Aguilar along with a photograph in which he appears with Queen Sofía and in which he also thanks for the moment.

It should be noted that in addition to the members of the Aguilar family, other Mexicans who were present at the ceremony were the film director Manolo Caro and the celebrity and model Barbara Coppel, both revealed some special details of the meeting through their spaces in Internet.

Ángela Aguilar is currently one of the most representative women in Mexican music, her career began when she was a child, but she has not stopped working so that her voice is heard internationally, just as it is now.

Among the popular songs in his career are “Ahí donde me ven”, “En realidad” and “Ella que te dió” to mention a few in which he has millions of views.

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