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Ángela Aguilar is accused of plagiarism for a successful duet she did with Yuridia | VIDEO

american singer Angela Aguilar It is seen back in the controversy, because users of social networks have begun to accuse the young singer of alleged plagiarism of Adele, who is one of the most important artists internationally.

On platforms like TikTok, some videos are circulating where they compare a new theme of the Mexican regional interpreter with a successful single by the 34-year-old artist, who held the popularity positions in international chats.

Recently, the so-called “Princess of the Mexican regional” premiered the song “What agony”, along with the singer Yuridia. The 19-year-old singer was very happy to have released this single.

Well, in addition to collaborating with an artist that he greatly admires, it is also his authorship, since, with his production team, he wrote this musical production.

However, now the song is in the crosshairs of internet users, who found similarities with a British hit.

A user, with the name Siniestro Danielhe, shared a video on his TikTok account in which he who made the comparison between the theme of the daughter of Pepe Aguilar and “Rolling in the Deep”, one of the songs with which Adele became known.

In the clip the chorus of both singles is heard, which despite the fact that they are totally different genres, because the young woman sings “rancheras”.

While the British performs a pop ballad, some similarities can be perceived, which is why it is now a topic of conversation on networks.

On the platform they are already doing “duets” where they react to the comparison, and while there are some who “that’s why the song seemed familiar to them”, there are others who have come out in their defense.

Me trying to find plagiarism… there isn’t, it doesn’t exist”, “Well, I don’t listen to plagiarism, the truth is they give a similar air but the chords don’t add up to say that there is plagiarism” and “It looks a lot like Adele’s mariachi”they are just some messages that can be read in which they assure that they did not copy the topic.

The controversy arose after network users began to find some similarities between artists after the alleged “copyright” accusations. that Bellakath faced with his success “Gatita”, because she has not been the only one who has had this type of scandal.

So far, the comparison between “What agony” and “Rolling in the Deep” has not reached the interpreter, who is once again in the middle of the controversy.

Well, not long ago they spread it in networks by assuring that it was 25 percent Argentine after the victory of that Selection in the World Cup in Qatar 2022. In this way, she again gives something to talk about, however, she has the support of her fans and family who defend her from her detractors.

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