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Ángela Aguilar becomes a showgirl for her father, Pepe Aguilar. Will she no longer be a soloist? | VIDEO

Pepe Aguilar He does not stop working and this time he had a more than special presentation in his beloved Zacatecas. Where she offered a great concert with her countrymen.

That was how the hundreds of fans of Antonio Aguilar’s son arrived on time to see and hear him and of course, also his daughter. Angela Aguilar, who is inseparable from his father and this time was no exception. It should be noted that, although she did take the microphone, she did not set foot on stage, at least not to perform the song “You are going to miss me”.

Through a video that he shared on his Instagram account, you can see the interpreter of “La Llorona” sitting behind the scenes and very aware of the development of the concert.

Next to her, there were also her mother Aneliz Álvarez Alcalá and her brother Leonardo, who were very close due to the cold of the winter season. For her part, Ángela was very well wrapped up and doing the choirs for her father.

“Because I was, I still am and I will be… The love of your life. What a way to close the year, with this show in my beloved Jalpa, Zacatecas”Pepe Aguilar wrote from his Instagram account where he shared the recording.

As expected, the reactions did not wait, especially that of her daughter who placed three red hearts. As is classic in the Aguilar dynasty, Ángela accompanied her father on and off stage, something that her fans love, because the voices of the two are a real treat for them.

Through the stories of the 19-year-old singer, she shared aspects from various angles, with her loyal audience as the main focus.

The same way, He boasted to his millions of Instagram followers the participations he had alongside Pepe Aguilar and alone, which is a true phenomenonbecause the whole family is very loved with the plus of being their land even though they were born in the United States.

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