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Anel Noreña warns that she will charge her daughter Marysol if she uses the name of José José: “Part of my inheritance”

Just over two years after the death of Jose josehis ex wife, Anel Norenaremains firm in upholding the name and legacy of the singer, ensuring that no one will be able to make use of your image and this includes your own daughterto whom he warned that in case of launching a tequila he would have to pay royalties.

The problems within José José’s family seem to have no end and now it was Añel Noreña who, during an interview for the program ‘Todo para la mujer’, hosted by journalist Maxine Woodside, reiterated that the distance with his daughter Marysol Sosa is maintained , so she will not be able to launch any product with the singer’s image either.

Part of my heritage is the brand, the name and everything that goes with it, andShe hasn’t told me anything, but I don’t know anything about her, why are you telling me right now, but I think she’s going to get into trouble, because the name is mine, “explained the ex-wife and universal heiress of the Prince of the song.

He pointed out that if his daughter continues to say they are not related, he will have to pay royalties just like anyone who wants to use the name for a commercial purpose does.

“As long as Marysol is being the daughter of José José, who celebrates the prince, and I don’t know what, and I don’t know how much, nothing will happen as a family, but if not, lI am going to have to charge like the other people that I have charged if you use the name of the Prince, José José, or anything similarbecause mine are the brands, the name and everything else”, noting that his father will not be using it when it suits him.

And he mentioned that he definitely will not allow the name to be used for a tequila, because if he wanted to launch a product he could invent anything except “an alcoholic drink José José, because alcohol was what destroyed our life”and if Marysol insists on doing business outside the family “It’s going to cost them, no way, because then their father is a product which they use to live”.

However, she would be willing to change her mind if their issues are resolved and they become a family again.

“If they agree on everything with the family, we hug each other and forgive each other, then it is your father. But if he is not from the family, then it will be a product that she wants to sell with a name: José José. But the name is mine, nothing more mine“, he pointed out.

In addition, he confirmed that he will spend Christmas with his son Jose Joel and her granddaughter with whom she has the “full table”, because until now only they are her family.

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