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Android 13 has “work profiles” for what? • ENTER.CO

Work profiles is the new functionality that is in the Android 13 operating system. This feature, until now unknown, will allow you to have two cell phones in one. We tell you.

The goal of developing these features in the OS is to improve the user experience with a single device. With this you can have separate work data and personal data. It will be like having two cell phones, but with only one device. In short, what this improvement does is specify whether an application will open in the personal profile or in the work profile. This can be very useful for keeping personal YouTube watchlists separate. Users could even have two photo galleries on their devices (one personal and one work).

Another feature that the company is incorporating in this version is smart dictation. This works for work profile apps for Pixel users. The idea is to keep “corporate jargon dictated for work emails out of personal chats.” Similarly, a new feature in Android 13 makes it easier to configure devices to determine what data is shared with company administrators as part of work profiles.

In addition to these novelties, it was known that new functions such as Lost Mode will soon arrive. This will allow IT administrators to block access and locate lost or stolen company-owned devices. The Stay Private on Work Wi-Fi function will also be available, which will automatically encrypt the traffic. Especially when personal profiles are changed for use on the wireless network. It will also be possible for users to make a more secure management of all their messages, notifications and images.

Image: Denny Müller on Unsplash

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