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Andrés García’s wife responded to the attacks she has received by accusing her of being a fraudster

Faced with the accusations of Leonardo García, son of actor Andrés García, who points to her for allegedly not taking adequate care of his father and for being with him only for economic interest, Margarita Portillo, wife of the 81-year-old actor, gave an interview to the television program come joy to defend.

About, pointed out that her husband’s son is only concerned about his possible inheritance and not about his father’s health.

“Leonardo began to say that he was worried about his father’s health, and then he went out to say ‘where was the money?’, and his father said ‘what does it matter to him!’”, he pointed out.

Likewise, Mrs. Portillo He maintained that for a long time the destination of Andrés García’s assets has already been defined in a will and his relatives do not need to be immersed in bickering, since his will is embodied in a legal document.

“I don’t know why they are so concerned if Andrés left all his affairs in order a long time ago. There are many people who are expressing themselves very ugly about me, they say that I am only interested in money, I don’t know who the hell they think they are talking about, I am their wife.

Andrés is worrying about me and is leaving me insured, like it or not“, he emphasized.

On the other hand, the current wife of Andrés García I do not hesitate to point out that Sandra Vale, mother of Leonardo García, is the one who has really taken money from the veteran actor.

The people who did take advantage of him these three weeks, when they took him from here, were Leonardo’s mother, because Andrés took his money and there were people who were taking money from him, several people, there are witnesses. He’s going to clear up a couple of things to see if once and for all they shut the fuck up and stop fucking %#,” she stated.

Regarding the diseases that her husband suffers from, Margarita Portillo mentioned that he constantly requires blood transfusions.

“He has a problem with his spinal cord, his red blood cells cause him to have a very low hemoglobin count. Before he was a very strong man and he compensated, not now, so it has been very often that he needs a blood transfusion“, he concluded.

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