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Andrés García’s eldest son threatens to tell the darkest side of his father for slandering his mother

andres garcia and his health unleashed a strong family conflict in which, this time, his eldest son, Andrés Jr, intervened to defend his mother, Sandra Vale, after the actor assured that she was the person who provided drugs to his children.

Something for which he threatened to tell the truth about his father and said he was devastated by the fight that has broken out.

Since the protagonist of “Pedro Navaja” was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver, his health has deteriorated and he had some crises derived from his consumption of alcoholic beverages and other substances.

In the midst of the alarms that this has generated, the controversy has not been long in coming, because, although it was known that The actor’s relationship with his children was not entirely good in recent months and has worsened and now they have decided to distance themselves while they hold an intense battle through the media.

To this was added his eldest son, who shared a statement through his social networks with which he defends his mother, Sandra Vale, from the accusations of the actor.

“There is a time for everything, and I am not going to be a part of this circus that has been the life and death of Andrés García, but in due time the truths of the myth of the legend will come to light. It tears my soul at this point to realize that my father’s legacy is one of acid false accusations and bitter reflections. I wish him peace in his soul and tranquility in his heart, may God bless him on his way to wherever his final destination is.”


The 81-year-old actor exploded against his son Leonardo García after he accused his wife, Margarita Portillo, of being responsible for their estrangement and accused her of selling a million-dollar property owned by her father without giving her what was hers, something that the same actor would have revealed to her to ask for her help and recover the money.

In various interviews, Andrés García demanded that Leonardo leave his family “in peace” and move away, but it was the most recent one for TVyNovelas that He managed to infuriate his children since in it the actor assures that the mother of his children, Sandra Vale, was the one who provided them with the drugs: “That is the truth, there are no more turns to take.”

In this regard, Leonardo García did not hesitate to defend his mother and shared an extensive message on his Instagram account where he mints his father’s attitude and describes him as “narcissistic”.

“It is sad that Mr. Andrés expresses himself like that about a woman! Now this, speaking ill of my mother when she has always taken care of him for 60 years and talking about a woman like that does not have God’s forgiveness. I feel that this last statement is unheard of! And I don’t want to talk about this topic anymore, I’m not going to enter this circus of an ungentlemanly man talking like that about a lady! This is the result of a narcissistic man and person like my father.”

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