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Andrés García thanks Anahí for sending him a doctor to take care of him and this is how the actress responded Unconditional love!

the health of andres garcia Apparently for the moment he is stable, and that would be thanks to the affection from a distance that the famous singer and actress has sent him, anahí.

Anahí coincided with Andrés García during the recording of the telenovela “Mujeres Engañadas”, under the production of Emilio Larrosa.

With Laura León by her side playing the role of her mother and García that of her father, The then 16-year-old girl found a solid project that marked a before and after in her career.

It was then that Andrés García emerged not only as his histrionic father, but also in real life, Well, he did not hesitate to welcome her as a daughter and tuck her in, giving her a roof and sustenance in her house next to her wife Margarita.who today takes care of the health of the actor.

For these reasons, Anahí recently helped Andrés García by sending him a pulmonologist who supports his medical care, all with the support of her husband Manuel Velasco. This is how they both stated this Thursday and she corresponded with more love to her father on TV.

Through his Instagram account, Andrés García shared a post to thank Anahí for every detail she has had with him to treat his illness.

Given this explanation provided by the actor, Anahí did not hesitate to respond to the same post and dedicate some emotional words to García, to whom she showed much love and gratitude.

“I adore you with all my heart. You know that you count on me unconditionally. In this life you have to have a good memory and never forget who was good to you ”

It was then that she was inspired and remembered that when she was young and a teenager, Andrés always supported her and took care of her with the support of his wife Margarita, something she never forgets and for which she now gives him affection in her time of illness.

“If people REALLY knew all the time and the love that you and Margarita gave me in my adolescence, they would know all the gratitude that is in my heart. Now it’s my turn and everything that is in my hands I will always do. My family loves you because they know the story perfectly. ?? I am here for you as I tell you every day in private”

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