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Andrés García tells his son Leonardo that he wants his inheritance: “They won’t even let me die in peace”

Andrés García blames his son Leonardo for wanting his inheritance.

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Andrés García asked his children to let him “die in peace”Well, while he continues to fight his health problems, the war of declarations between the members of his family seems to have no end, which is why the actor spoke once again from his bed, and with some difficulties, he clarified that his wife and stepson you have been singled out unfairly, since it is Leonardo García, his biological son, who intends to keep his inheritance.

The health of the actor Andrés García continues to cause concern among his fans, but given the series of speculations surrounding Margarita Portillo, the protagonist of the film “Chanoc” shared a new video on his YouTube channel to deny that his wife and stepson have deprived large amounts of money as mentioned a few days ago in the Mexican magazine TVNotas.

In this regard, the 81-year-old actor pointed out that it is “another gossip” created to harm Margarita Portillo and her son Andres Lopez Portillowho has done nothing but help him, even when he has needed money.

“He has never needed to steal checks or take money without permission, they are envy of my other children so don’t pay attention to these cretins“He mentioned with some difficulties.

He also asked his children to respect him now that he is sick, emphasizing that they do not have to have an opinion about his life.

“Those people don’t have any credibility, if I’m very sick they won’t even let me die in peace. All because they want to keep my inheritance, but they are not going to get any inheritance.”

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The actor took advantage of the moment to clarify that his stepson has been unfairly singled out and no one has a reason to comment on what he does with his money.

“Andrés López Portillo has never taken a penny, not even by check or cash, without permission, it is bad intention of his half brothers and what I do with my money is up to me, nobody cares what I do with my money,” he said.

As if the above were not enough, the film, theater and television star also stressed that the information that has circulated in recent days is solely with the intention of harming his “current family”, and the drug he has consumed is not given to him. It is provided by Margarita Portillo or her son as mentioned, since in reality it is his ex-wife, Sandra Vale, who provides it to their own children.

“It is important to say that the drugs are provided to their own children Sandy, their mother and that is the truth,” he added.

In the short clip they clarify that the message was exposed at the will of Andrés García and they ask for respect since for now he wants to focus on “living peacefully next to his family” and when the time comes, as the actor’s will is expressed, they will share more surprises.

Andrés García is and will be a legend of Mexican and international cinema and that is how he should be remembered“, the clip reads.

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