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Andrés García points to his ex-wife Sandra Vale as a drug supplier for their children

In recent weeks, the deterioration in the health of actor Andrés García is evident and through some images spread on social networks You can see the effects of a voracious cirrhosis of the liver combined with other diseases that literally have him lying down without much being able to help him.

However, From his deathbed, the 81-year-old Dominican allowed someone to record a five-minute video message showing him looking very tired.

With his voice already too muffled, he demands to respect his will to distribute his assets to whomever he deems appropriate in order to die in peace.

“I want to clarify that there are a series of checks published with malicious intent and they are blaming Andrés López Portillo, but neither he nor his mother have ever taken a penny without my permission, neither by check nor in cash. What I do with my money is my business, nobody cares”indicated.

Likewise, the protagonist of more than 70 films filmed from 1967 to 2002, ruled out that his current family has subjected him under the influence of drugs. However, He blamed his ex-wife Sandra Vale for providing drugs to the children they both had when they got along.

“They are taking out a series of gossip to harm my current family. I am a man who has always spoken the truth, no one has to provide me with drugs and Andrés López Portillo much less, because he is not involved in that. The drugs are provided to his own children, Sandy, his mother. That is the truth and there is no turning around“, he emphasized.

Finally, Andrés García made it clear that, For trying to harm the people who currently care for him, his son Andrés will not leave a single penny of the inheritance that he fights so much.

“Leonardo and other children who are around want to keep the inheritance, but they will get pure mad%& of inheritance”, concluded.

According to the celebrity net worth site, it is estimated that the dispute between the children of Andrés García and Margarita Portillo, the actor’s fourth couple, is for about $10 million dollars, mostly invested in land and real estate.

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