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Andreas Wijk ready for Let’s Dance 2023

One more name is confirmed Let’s Dance 2023: Andreas Wijk. This is what the artist himself says about participating in the popular program.

Photo: TV4

Last week we found out that Richard Sjöberg will be one of the celebrities participating in this year’s edition of Let’s Dance. Now TV4 has released yet another name: Andreas Wijk.

“Hope not to break any bones”

On the program’s official Instagram account, Wijk himself tells the happy news:

“I will be replacing the music studio with the dance studio this spring because I have accepted Let’s Dance 2023. I hope for no broken bones and that this will work out,” he says with a laugh.

This is not the first time that Wijk has been asked to participate in the program. According to The evening paper he was already offered to participate ten years ago, but had to decline due to a heart operation.

For the newspaper, he talks about his hopes and fears before participating:

“I really have no idea how this is going to go and how I’m going to be able to take the choreography and the footwork. It feels like it will be the most difficult, but it will be as much fun as possible. As I understand it, this is the funnest bubble you can be in.”

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