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Andrea Legarreta tearfully interviews Erik Rubín in “Hoy” and they talk about their love relationship

The relationship between Andrea Legarreta and Erik Rubin It ended on such good terms that the presenter interviewed the singer in the “La Tina” section during her visit to the forum where they record the Mexican program “Hoy”.

At first, the actress also asked nice questions to the former member of TimbiricheFor example, which part of your body tickles the most, and if you have ever taken photos in the bathroom.

However, one of the most important moments of the talk came when, in front of the cameras, Andrea Legarreta asked Erik Rubín if he ever imagined the “Tibetan Princess”, one of the songs that the interpreter sang on his stage in the Timbiriche group.

“I already knew her when she was young -referring to her-, but I did like you, I visualized you,” the Mexican singer responded forcefully to his still wife.

Shortly after, Andrea Legarreta asked the interpreter of “Cuando Mueres Por Alguien” a question about the song “Tiempos De Amor”, a melody that was heard when he proposed to her.

“Don’t start, pretty, it’s a song that talks about our history, about that time we decided to be together, you’ll see,” Erik Rubín answered without thinking.

Almost immediately, the presenter burst into tears and asked the former Timbiriche another question with which the tears continued: “If this tub were a lamp, what would your three wishes be?”

“I am lucky, one of them is to have a family and you gave it to me. I would ask for health, I would ask that my daughters fulfill themselves, that they be happy,” said the singer.

Andrea Legarreta and Erik Rubín assure that “the coin is in the air”

To close the emotional interview with a flourish, Andrea Legarreta and Erik Rubín hugged and reaffirmed that they continue to love each other and their separation is an exercise, the result of which they still do not know.

“In the midst of what they can say, there is a lot of love… We are in an exercise that was suggested to us and we are sure that we will be fine, and that there is a lot of love involved, and this will show us where we are standing,” said the presenter of “Today”.

“The coin is in the air, I wish you all the success and the beauty you deserve”, concluded Erik Rubín.

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