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Andrea Legarreta reveals that Irina Baeva is still planning to marry Gabriel Soto, obsession? | VIDEO

Andrea Legarreta He enjoyed a good time with the Russian Irina Baeva during the “Hoy” program, so he was able to talk to her about her relationship with Gabriel Sotowhich is said to have ended several weeks ago.

The morning host met the press and revealed what the Russian actress told her to end with the rumors of the alleged break with the television heartthrob, who is supposedly already after one of his companions in a melodrama.

Baeva was one of the special guests at the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Hoy program, for which she wore a flirty fitted dress with openings.

Legarreta revealed to the Mexican press if Irina had spoken to her about Gabriel Soto, to which the host revealed that yes and that they are still together, since the actress who “Divided Love” still brings her engagement ring.

Erik Rubín’s wife indicated that she knows that the couple has plans to go on a trip, so apparently they are all rumors, since both are stable living their love story.

“I was talking to her about her relationship with Gabriel Soto, bring her ring, apparently they are going to go on a trip together for the weekend. I asked him ‘are you okay, can we talk about it?’, Paul Stanley asked him. Rather, he says that it is more the rumors than the ones they live in their day to day ”


Meanwhile, when questioned about what he knows about the alleged romance that Gabriel Soto has with Sara Corraleswho already lives with her daughters, Elissa and Alexa, Legarreta indicated that she is unaware of the subject.

“To me that you ask me that?, to me what? I wish them to be well, individually, that, if they are together, it will be amazing for them, if not also. Stories sometimes end and others begin. I saw her well, I felt good, she talked about the fact that they have not yet chosen a wedding date, she did not talk about a separation ”.


In recent years, Andrea has been characterized by giving her opinion on different topics, because since she has been in charge of the Hoy program for 25 years, she knows the entertainment world very well.

Although he sometimes causes controversy with his unfortunate comments, It continues to give people something to talk about, as in this case that revealed some details about Gabriel Soto and Irina Baevawhom he said he saw “happy, stable and beautiful”, despite the fact that he is in the eye of the hurricane.

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