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Andrea Legarreta reveals if there is a third party in discord in her separation with Erik Rubín | VIDEO

The gap between Andrea LegarrettOh Erik Rubin After more than 20 years of marriage, it has generated multiple speculations about the causes of this break. Given this, the driver broke the silence about these rumors.

Various Mexican media have indicated that the possible reason could be a third party, pointing to an alleged infidelity to the singer, who according to various media would have had more than a friendship with the member of Kabah, Apio Quijano. Well, just a few months ago she kissed him on stage.

Mexican magazines also point to Melisa, a member of JNS, as being a possible cause of an affair, since Rubín has been seen to be very “affectionate” with her at the concerts of the “90’s Pop Tour.”

Although the artists have already defended themselves against these rumors of causing the separation of Rubín and Legarreta, now the one who was questioned about it was the star of the Televisa morning show.

Upon leaving the television station, the 51-year-old actress spoke to the reporters who were waiting for her to ask her about her breakup with her husband of 22 years.

He ruled out that there is “someone else” on the part of either of the two, and about the situation with Apio Quijano, the host of the Hoy program He clarified that Erik Rubín is not gay, so he denied that his ex-partner had any relationship other than friendship with the Kabah member and member of the “90’s Pop Tour.”

“We are beings who love each other, and suddenly people say ‘I don’t understand it, so there must be someone else’, no, there is no one else, for none, there is not even a desire, there is no lawsuit, there is no bad wave, there is no mistreatment. I mean by God, I respect the gay community a lot and everything, but Erik has the least thing is being gay. I love Celery very much”


The host of the Hoy program highlighted by insisting that her ex-husband does not have a sentimental relationship with the one who is her partner on the pop tour.

The protagonist of “Long live the children” said again that they still love each other and proof of this is that before sending the statement they were together, lit a candle, hugged each other and cried a lot.

“If there is a lot of love, this is not a staged or staged story. Suddenly I have seen things like “I could see it coming, they had already taken time”, cruel comments, heartless even. In the end it is difficult to make the decision, one would not want to go out and tell the world ‘look, this is happening with our history’. So we are trying to do things in the best way, to do them with respect, without anything shady, without anything dirty, without anything crooked, because this story doesn’t deserve it. If outside they speculate, if they say, if they do, that is their problem”.

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