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Andrea Legarreta, Erik Rubín and their daughters get everything ready to launch a reality show

the daughters of Andrea Legarreta, Erik RubinThey, Mia and Nina, have fame everywhere, and they are ready to take advantage of it soon in a reality show.

The television host and the former Timbiriche went on vacation to Japan and their adventures published on Andrea’s Instagram caught the attention of many fans.

What immediately generated the question of whether they could, in the style of the Derbez or the Kardashian, make a reality show about their family life.

Despite the fact that vacations are usually an intimate moment with the family, Erik Rubín was open to chatting about the subject and said that it is a matter that they have discussed several times within the family.

And even more, they already have offers to start recording. The only thing missing is for the Rubín Legarreta family to decide to say yes.

“Yes, offers have arrived, the truth would be interesting, but we are seeing how it is viable in our way, but it is a project that has flirted with us”Erik Rubín admitted in a meeting with the Mexican press.

Andrea Legarreta spoke in the same sense, and taking advantage of her experience in the media, she knows that in this type of program the rules must be made very clear from the beginning.

For this reason, he stated that one of the conditions will be that they be part of the editing and production of the program.

“I think that what a famous family lives is attractive, but I think that in the end I believe that you should be part of the production edition, but we have to see what time brings us, many things come with the family and we go Let’s see what surprises”


The idea of ​​a reality show does not seem farfetched for this family, because in addition to the trajectory of the parents, Both Mia and Nina have already begun to forge their careers in the artistic field and on social networks they show themselves as show business personalities.

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