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Andrea Legarreta defends Erik Rubín despite his breakup: “They can’t be more cruel”

At all times, Andrea Legarreta and Erik Rubín assured that their separation took place on friendly terms and without a third party involved. Despite this, controversial accusations did arise that involved Celery Quijano, of kabahand melissa lopezof JNS.

Although celebrities have already denied being involved in the issue, some media have insisted on these versions, for which the presenter used her official Instagram profile to launch forceful messages.

with your words, Andrea Legarreta came out in defense of Erik Rubín and shared a couple of texts in which he disapproves of the negative comments that his ex-partner has been the target of.

“Let’s not get carried away by fear of gossip, by that stupid ‘what will they say’. What will they say about a few to whom we owe nothing, who give us nothing and will not give us ”, the actress also published in her first message.

Subsequently, he used his Instagram stories to issue a second text with much more forceful words: “And when you think that ‘human’ beings cannot be more cruel, lying and ruthless… Take a look at social networks.”

Later, through the same medium, Andrea Legarreta shared an emotional snapshot with her entire family under the caption “I love us”, followed by a heart-shaped emoji.

Erik Rubín clarifies “kisses” with Apio Quijano

Erik Rubín put an end to the rumors that supposedly link him with Apio Quijano, because in a show where they share the stage, they are very close as part of their performance.

“Hey, is it net? I ended my marriage because now I have a relationship with Celery, because at one point in the Show we sing to each other, we approach each other and we pretend to kiss each other… Gentlemen, it is a Show, is something that Celery himself has also done with Benny; they approach each other, touch each other, hug each other. It is something that we do among ourselves, the interpreters, ”he said in a video on Instagram.

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