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Andrea Escalona melts the networks with a new photo of her baby Emilio

Just a few days after being born, andhe eldest son of the host Andrea Escalona has already melted the hearts of thousands of people thanks to the tender photographs he has starred in and have been disseminated through social networks.

One of the latest publications that has given a lot to talk about is the one where the little boy’s great-aunt, the producer Andrea Rodríguez, poses very smiling with Emilio in her arms while dedicating a moving message to him.

Happy and blessed welcome Emilio Estada Escalona was born on Thursday 12/22 at 5:38 in the afternoon after 8 hours of contractions (…) We were there just as I promised Magdita, that I would always be by your side when you needed me”, reflected the producer of the ‘Hoy’ program.

Likewise, she said she was grateful because the birth of her great-nephew was safe: “Thank God for bringing Emilio healthy, because Andy is fine for spending Christmas together as a family. So many things to be thankful for. Thank you Magdita for taking care of him from heaven and that he was born on the exact day as my Andy would say “.

Along with her emotional message, Andrea Escalona’s aunt revealed various photographs in which little Emilio stole the show thanks to the tenderness he wasted in a Christmas outfit.

For her part, the television presenter did not hesitate to resume the publication and share it through her Instagram stories, which sparked a stir among her digital community and drew even more attention to the images.

As a result, thousands of fans and one or another celebrity took the opportunity to send their congratulations to the new mom. Such was the case with Manelyk González, Arath de la Torre, Galilea Montijo, Raúl Araiza and Maribel Guardia.

The latter shared her emotion by saying: “But what is that precious little doll. Welcome”, while Estefanía Ahumada wrote him “What a little thing”.

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