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Andrea Escalona, ​​about to give birth, shows the original decoration of her house for Christmas

The Mexican presenter Andrea Escalona, ​​who is part of the “Hoy” program and who is just a short distance away from receiving the arrival of her first child, shared with her followers the beautiful decoration of her house for Christmas.

The daughter of the deceased Magda Rodríguez published, in her Instagram stories, some images of her very beautiful Christmas tree, while her tummy proudly shows off.

“Putting up the Christmas tree”, was the message with which he accompanied his publication.

His tree, from what we could see, is totally out of the traditional, as it simulates being a cute snowman.

The pine tree, which was illuminated with warm lights, is completely white, while at the top, far from putting the star, Andrea Escalona opted for the head of a snowman with its respective scarf and hat.

The decoration that he showed was completed by a minion with a Santa Claus hat, with which he hinted that this Christmas he will live it as if he already had his baby in his arms, although he is expected to be born until December 26.

Andrea Escalona’s tree is a spectacular snowman (Andrea Escalona/Instagram)

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