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And Just Like That – Carrie and Aidan reunited season 2 photos

Carrie + Aidan = true? New pictures from the production of And Just Like That shows Sarah Jessica Parker and John Corbett holding hands, which has fueled rumors of their characters getting back together in season two.

Photo: HBO Max/@craigblankenhorn

Last summer, rumors began circulating that Carrie Bradshaw’s ex Aidan Shaw would make a comeback in Sex and the City– the sequel And Just Like That – this after John Corbett, who played Aidan at the time, hinted that he would appear in the new series:

“I think I might be in quite a few episodes,” he added Page Six in April 2021.

“Don’t tell anyone”

Now Corbett’s participation in season two is over And Just Like That confirmed. This weekend, new photos from the production were released which show him hand in hand with the lead actress Sarah Jessica Parker.

“Shh. Don’t tell anyone,” reads the caption of the photos posted on the show’s official Instagram account this weekend.

In the comments section, Parker himself has written: “Shhhh. X, SJ”.

Fan reactions to the hinted reunion have been mixed: while many are happy for a potential reunion, others say Aidan is “too good” for Carrie. Others speculate on the possibility that it is all about a dream sequence.

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