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Anahí finally visits Andrés García and that was the heartbreaking encounter. Love at its best!

anahí Y andres garcia They were harshly criticized in the late 90s and early 2000s, as the Mexican singer had decided to live with the famous actor.

But calm readers, it is true that many took it badly because he was a man many years older than her, but he actually took her into his home when she was having a hard time dealing with her anorexia.

And apparently the only one who gave him more than genuine support was the Dominican actor. Regardless of the rumors and gossip around you, neither paid attention and they really formed a bond that continues to this day.

To prove a button, because Anahí remembered when she lived with Andrés and his wife Margarita Portillo, after both actors coincided in a Televisa soap opera.

They practically adopted the protagonist of “Rebelde” for several months, and now she wants to return the favor.

The first thing was to send a specialist paid by her to the famous leading man of novels to help him with his cirrhosis and the rest of his ills.

And subsequently, Anahí, along with her famous husband, Senator Manuel Velasco, undertook the task of visiting him at his home in Acapulco.

Through some stories published on his official Instagram account, Anahí shared a series of photographs, in which she can be seen together with the actor Andrés García, with whom he also shared the screen in the soap opera “Mujeres engañadas”.

Immediately in networks they began to applaud what happened, because after years of friendship and that on past occasions Anahí assured that the actor supported her unconditionally 20 years ago, from what netizens remembered and apparently Anahí too.

Well, on multiple occasions, the famous “Mia Collucci” revealed that he was like a protective father for her, since she has been open about the eating disorders she suffered at some point and in which she does not stop working to become an example for the new generations, because fans are raining down on him.

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