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Ana Layevska: the Ukrainian who starred in Mexican soap operas

: Actress Ana Layevska arrives at the 24th Annual IMAGE Awards

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At 41 years old he is coming Ana Laevska, Ukrainian actress who starred in soap operas in Mexico.

layevska was born on January 10, 1982 in kyiv, when it belonged to the Soviet Union. But his artistic development was so notorious in Mexico that she even got nationality in this country.

He triumphed in youth soap operas and arrived in Mexico at the age of 31, with his parents Sergei Laievski and Inna Rastsvetaiev.

It was in Mexico where the actress studied acting, this at the Televisa Artistic Education Center, a company that gave her her first opportunity to participate in 1997, in the melodrama “Sometimes we will have wings.”

By 2006, Layevska got her first leading role in “Las dos caras de Ana”, in which she shared credits with Rafael Amaya.

Amaya was his partner in real life.

The last Mexican novel that the Ukrainian actress starred in was “Without a trace of you”, in 2016.

Although his appearance on Mexican television was quite a media show, he later wanted to make his way to the big screen. She was in films like “Cansada de besar sapos”, “Casi divas”, and “Cantinflas”, a film in which she gave life to Miroslava Stern, Mario Moreno’s partner.

Then he moved away from the screens for a while, but returned with everything in 2021 thanks to the series “Neighbors’ War”, which was broadcast on Netflix.

This series reached many people, but then it was embroiled in a scandal due to accusations of sexual abuse against Pascacio Lopez, by Vanessa Bauche.

This controversy did not prevent the second season from being carried out, which did, however, have some changes in its cast and it premiered last June.

If we go to her personal life, the Ukrainian actress has been married to Rodrigo Moreira since April 12, 2014. They had only been dating for six months when they got married.

Of course, her story is not just about that, the actress and Moreira began dating in mid-2013, although they had met 10 years ago.

Only five days after meeting again, the businessman asked her to be his girlfriend and she accepted.

“The truth is that the balance has been very positive and I repeat what I said the first day I met Rodrigo: he is the man of my life. I love him, I adore him, we get along very well, we share the day to day with his little things, with his greatness and it has definitely been the best thing that has happened to me, ”he commented some time ago Ana Laevska about their relationship.

They have two children and Rodrigo is a person who is far from the middle of the shows. He is an industrial engineer and businessman.

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