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Ana Bárbara shared some hard moments in her life where Yuri brought her out

Altagracia Ugalde Mota, better known in the musical environment as Ana Bárbara, celebrated 28 years of career as a singer and as part of its most outstanding activities throughout the year participated in the fourth season of the television program Who is the mask? where he got second place.

In said reality show He had the opportunity to meet again with Yuri, a professional colleague whom he holds in great esteem, because during one of the saddest moments of his life she came up to him to support her.

Yuri had the humility, the love to take time to go visit my niece when my sister passed away. That was very nice to me; I had not said it publicly, I was born to say it as something special that I had to live very hard. In fact, it is not something that I love to talk about, ”she recently pointed out.

And it is that The interpreter originally from San Luis Potosí had to face the tragic car accident in which her younger sister Marissa Ugalde lost her life, in October 2001, at the age of 26.

“It is sad for my heart, but I already got it, it was something special that I want to share,” he stressed.

Looking back on his career, The 51-year-old singer also shared another tough episode she experienced when she dreamed of becoming a dancer at a very young age.

It turns out that they enrolled her in ballet classes, but her fantasy only lasted a couple of weeks, because the precarious financial situation of his family meant that they could not cover the expenses corresponding to his artistic education.

However, Ana Barbara clung to her dream of making her way in the entertainment industry and thanks to the ranchero genre, in 1993 she was proclaimed Ambassador of Ranchera Music, which opened several of the doors of the record labels.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, a site specialized in analyzing the finances of celebrities, the fame obtained by the singer from San Luis has allowed her to gather a heritage of close to $25,000,000 dollars.

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