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An overweight girl goes viral by losing 61 kilos by eating chips

Alyssa Figaro He has had parents who have been very involved in the sports industry, so he always grew up as a “the overweight girl”.

He confesses that he felt that he was disappointing his family and that is why he made many efforts to achieve a physical change and make them feel proud, but he always failed.

However, in October 2014, she decided to make the decision to lose weight after attending a party where She couldn’t help but compare herself to the other girls.. She says that she felt very uncomfortable because of her weight and appearance.

“I felt like an outsider, constantly comparing myself to the other girls. They were pretty and slim and fit. Shame washed over me and I left,” Alyssa recalls.

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The secret to change is not to focus your energy on fighting the old but building the new. One day you discover that you are fierce, strong, and full of fire. You discover that not even you can hold yourself back because your passions burn brighter than your fears. •••••••••••• I struggled with being overweight my entire life. Never once feeling comfortable in my own skin, always wishing, wanting, envying. I wanted to fit in with my friends, be able to shop where they did, and wear what they wore. I somewhat feel like I missed out on that part of growing up… but then I think about my life now and how blessed I am to be able to say I did this. I have changed my life in a way some never do. At just 23 years old I have lost 130lbs, lost countless inches off my body, had excess skin removal surgery, overcome unexpected obstacles & have gained more confidence and self love in myself than I ever thought possible. I wouldn’t change this life for the world, scars and all & I’m so grateful I get to share it with you all. #bikinibod #bikini #summer #summer2017 #fattofit #weights #lifting #weightlifting #chicagoweightlossmotivation #chicagoweightloss #girlswholift #weightlossmotivation #weightlosstransformations #losingweight #loseweight #diet #workout #workoutmotivation #success #fitout #fitfam #fitness #fitspo #fitgirl #strongissexy #strongnotskinny #Strength

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This situation made Alyssa change her way of thinking and go to the gym where her mother worked to start the tour with a personal trainer. At first I went to the gym a minimum of five days a week.

“We incorporate a significant amount of strength training into my routine, which complements my daily cardio,” he said.

As for diet, Alyssa didn’t make any specific plans. Simply focused on eating whole, natural foodsdiscovering that nutrition was essential to obtain the desired results.

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‼️‼️ HEY YOU, yes you are reading this, looking for motivation. Maybe you’re looking for a little inspiration to try and lose some weight & live a healthier life? STOP? SCROLLING. Here’s what I want you to do… • Sit down, put the phone down, turn the TV off. • Grab a pen and paper ? •Ask yourself, Why do I want this? Why do I want to change? Maybe it’s that you’re unhappy with your body, your health or just overall unhappy with the way your life is panning out right now. •FIND AND WRITE DOWN YOUR ‘WHY’. ❌Sure, finding motivation & transformation pictures on Instagram can help jumpstart that process but you won’t truly be successful until you realize WHY you want this for yourself. No one can tell you/SHOULD tell you why you should jump in and make this life changing journey. It’s not easy, you will struggle, you will fail… BUT what matters is following through with the most important aspect of it all. WHY you start and WHY you will continue in spite of the struggle. ✨ Happy #transformationtuesday everyone. ? . . . . . . . #weightlosstransformation #weightlosssuccess #happiness #lift #workout #dedication #buildabooty #buildthebooty #booty #squats #shesquats #weightlossstory #beforeandafter #beforeandafterweightloss #mentalhealth #selflove #chicago #chicagofitness #chicagoweightloss #chicagogym #transformfitspocommunity #transformationtuesday #beforeandafter #beforeandafterweightloss #fitfam #personaltrainer #pt #trainer #training

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It is true that he began by counting the calories he consumed, but he realized that this system did not benefit him. That’s why, decided to opt for moderate consumption of foods among which were French fries. This could surprise many.

“As I looked back, I realized that I ‘sinned’ more if I restricted the foods that I liked the most. I’m human, so if I want to eat chips and dip, I’ll do it, in moderation and always going back to the plan the next day,’ she explained.

After a year and a half with this new routine, Alyssa lost 47.6kg and had to deal with excess skin. Finally underwent a tummy tuck and they removed a total of 4.5 kg, both from the abdomen and from the armpits. The recovery was hard but the results were wonderful.

Currently, Alyssa continues to go to the gym for five days, but has changed her approach and focuses on strength training and in the development of strong and lean muscles.

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???? HI GUYS ???? For those of you who are new to my page, WELCOME ❗️I’m Alyssa, 23 years old living in Chicago. I have struggled with my weight my entire life & at 20 years old she was convinced I would never lose the weight or be comfortable in my own skin. One day something just clicked… weighing in at a starting weight of 285 I decided enough was enough. I wanted to look good, wear cute clothes, and feel HOT? Sounds cliche but what 20 year old doesn’t wanna be considered hot? ? Here we are 140 lbs lost, one skin removal surgery & manyyy ups & downs later. For me, my journey is no longer about looking good but more so feeling confident and beautiful just being myself? I’m currently on my way to being a certified personal trainer, specialized in weight loss and nutrition. I still have a ways to go but want to share my journey with you all in hopes of inspiring or motivation just ONE person. I am an open book so feel free to reach out to me with whatever, whenever! Stay tuned, we got biiiggggg things coming ☀️???

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“I used to be that girl who was afraid of weights, thinking they would give me a manly appearance, but I was so wrong. Using bigger weights more consistently makes my body constantly change. I feel like every week I see new toned muscles,” she said.

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