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an oasis from Trás-os-Montes to relax

In the extreme northeast of Portugal is Albufeira do Azibo. Full of activities, it is a destination not to be missed inland.

the region of Behind-the-hills it’s so much more than cold walls and high grounds. There are also deep valleys of farmland, like the one that welcomes the Azibo Reservoir.

Halfway between Macedo de Cavaleiros and Bragança, this fantastic water mirror has been gaining more and more fans, becoming a reference for those looking for the region for a few days of rest.

It is an area full of history, from the village of Santa Combinha, and its fantastic viewpoint, to the internationally known caretos, major figures of the village of Podence, just over a kilometer from the reservoir.

It is a destination full of charms, with superior quality river beaches and, in the summer, always with hot weather. To not lose.

Azibo among the wonders of Portugal

The Azibo dam was built in the 70s/80s of the last century, with the purpose not only of supplying water to the region’s agricultural fields, but also to the surrounding populations. It is the largest dam on land in Europe and one of the 7 wonders of Portugal.

Due to the characteristics of the climate in the northeast of Trás-os-Montes, the Azibo reservoir is surrounded by Mediterranean and Atlantic vegetation, such as chestnut trees, olive trees, cork oaks, oaks, which enrich the landscape and give it unique characteristics to house several species of birds.

In addition to several pedestrian routes, inserted in the Ecopark do Azibothere are two river beaches that attract hundreds of people every year, the river beach of Ribeira and the river beach of Fraga da Pegada.

Both with blue flag and guarded, have good access for people with reduced mobility, in addition to a series of services and activities that make them absolutely desirable on the hot days of the Trás-os-Montes summer.

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Restaurants, picnic areas, playgrounds and, of course, the endless options for lovers of water sports (from kart biking, sailing, windsurfing, rowing, canoeing, etc.) make this place a pleasant place to have fun and relax.

Incidentally, the Azibo Albufeira received the “Five Star Regions Award”, an evaluation system that measures the degree of satisfaction that products, services and brands of Portuguese origin give to its users, having as evaluation criteria the 5 main variables that influence consumers’ purchasing decisions: satisfaction with experimentation, price-quality ratio , purchase intent or recommendation, brand trust and innovation.

much to visit

Caretos de Podence distinguished
The famous caretos of Podence

If you feel like exploring this area, take the opportunity to explore the region as well. Macedo de Cavaleiros offers several options for those who are not fond of the beach:

  • Visit Podence and discover all about the Caretos tradition, the noisy figures who dress up to go after single women at Carnival;
  • Stroll through the village of Vale Pradinhos and discover everything about wine Valle Pradinhos;
  • Go up to Santa Combinha, a village with fantastic walking routes and a viewpoint that provides breathtaking views over Albufeira do Azibo;
  • Take advantage of the numerous activities offered by the geoparkLands of Knights.

In addition to these walks, just a few minutes away from Macedo de Cavaleiros, you can always include a visit to Mirandela (just over 35 kilometers from Macedo de Cavaleiros).

If you prefer to take a longer trip, you should include a visit to medieval Bragança (about 40 kilometers away), then descend to Miranda do Douro. Here, take the opportunity to get to know the charms of the Douro Internacional Natural Park, and enjoy unique landscapes on the border with neighboring Spain.

How to go?

To get to Macedo de Cavaleiros from Porto, take the A4 towards Bragança. Coming from Lisbon, take the A23 to Guarda, then take the A25 and then the IP2 towards Bragança.

Where to stay?

If you want to explore the Azibo reservoir area, choose to stay nearby, at Casa do Azibo or at Casas de Campo Podence. If you prefer to explore not only the dam but also the region, choose to stay in the center of Macedo de Cavaleiros, at Hotel Muchacho or at Solar Morgado de Oliveira.

Where to eat?

Restaurante Azibo or A Dona Antónia may be good options, but the probability of entering any restaurant in the region and leaving well served is quite high.

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