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An Italian city offers thousands of euros to those who want to move there for a year

Fancy packing your bags, quitting your job, and moving to a town away from all the stresses of modern life? Would you also like to get paid for doing it? Well, we have good news for you.

An Italian mayor is offering several thousand euros to anyone who is willing to live in the charming municipality of Candelaa small town in the Apulia region.

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Relax, there is no cat locked up in this business. This succulent offer is due to the drastic decline in the population of the municipality, which is around 2,000 inhabitants and going down.

A few decades ago, Candela was known as “Little Naples» due to its environment and appearance.

However, for a few years now, it has suffered the same fate as the other 1,600 municipalities in Italy that are at risk of losing all their inhabitants, who leave the town in search of new opportunities.

In order to prevent his disappearance, the mayor of the medieval municipality, Nicola Gatta, has agreed to pay to bring this picturesque town back to life.

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Gatta’s amazing offer varies depending on the number of people you take with you as follows:

  • 800 euros for singles.
  • 1,200 euros for couples.
  • Of 1,500 a 1,800 euros for families of three members.
  • More of 2,000 euros for families of four or five members.

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Of course, Nicola does not want any freeloader in the town, so it will be essential that people interested in the offer take into account that it is compulsory to work and pay rent in the village for one year.

“We don’t want people to come here thinking they can live off the council’s income, all new residents will have to work to live here,” said Stefano Bascianelli, Nicola’s right-hand man.

Regardless of the money, Candela is a charming town, perfect for those families looking for a quiet and relaxed environment to rest.

Francesco Pio Delvecchio

The town is surrounded by hills, forests, churches and winding alleys. Available houses are pristine white and many have terraces that overlook truly magical landscapes.

In close proximity to Candela are other popular regions of Italy, such as Campania and Basilicataand some of the most amazing beaches in Apulia are just an hour’s drive away.

Oh, and the food must be amazing too. Every summer, Candela hosts a food and wine tasting tour, serving sausages, skewers, wine, and cheese. What are you waiting for to get the offer?

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