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an irresistible dish in Alto Minho

Cordeiro à Moda de Monção, better known as Foda à Moda de Monção, is a classic. The fair that celebrates it is already from the 17th to the 19th of March.

Yes, he is given to many puns, but the issue here is purely gastronomic and celebrates a unique dish in Alto Minho. THE Monção style fuck it has been expanding borders, attracting a crowd of foodies every year, who do not hesitate to travel many kilometers to taste the delicacy.

There is even a Confraria da Foda. The fair that celebrates this typical dish is back, between the 17th and 19th of March, promising to attract thousands of people to the region again.

So, as soon as possible, head to Monção. And don’t despair. All restaurants have Fuck on the menu! (this is even given to puns…)

Monção style fuck, a story from Alto Minho

And after all, what is the Fuck? Nothing more than a dish of lamb, made in wood-fired ovens, accompanied by rice, also in the oven, with an incomparable flavor. For this reason, it has long since become an absolute reference in the cuisine of Monção, which adopted the dish’s popular name. Foda à Moda de Monção has a guaranteed presence on all the menus of the county’s restaurants

The Story of “Fuck”

In times of old, the inhabitants of the region who did not have livestock, went to the fairs to buy the animal that would provide their sustenance. Obviously, there were quality cattle and others that, shall we say, did not excel in the best meats. However, and as the handling is in the DNA of the Portuguese, so that the animals looked fat and nourished, the breeders added salt to the fodder, forcing the cattle to drink water in large quantities.

Arriving at the fair, they looked well-nourished and healthy, the result, of course, of having a belly full of water. However, those who didn’t know about the trick, went for the bait and ended up buying real barrels of water. Only later did they realize (generally late and far from the fair) the deception, exclaiming “what a great fuck!” At the minho it is not done for less.

Therefore, the term ended up becoming more and more common, with the dish even earning the name of Foda à Moda de Monção. But don’t be scared by these tricks, as Foda is now certified, with the best lamb meat, a true delicacy and always made in clay bowls and in a wood oven.

Where to sleep in Monção

The municipality of Monção has a wide offer in terms of accommodation, for all audiences and all budgets. Stay here with our suggestions.

What to visit in Monção

Brejoeira Palace

It is one of the great ex-libris of Monção, a grandiose building in neoclassical style, dating from the early 19th century. It is a manor house, surrounded by high walls and with a leafy park of unusual tree species, constituting a remarkable set that seduces any visitor.

In addition to the garden, it has 18 hectares of vineyards of the well-known Alvarinho variety, the basis for a wine of choice, precisely named Palácio da Brejoeira.

Alvarinho Museum

Alvarinho grapes in Monção

Alvarinho wine is ubiquitous throughout the region and the Alvarinho Museum, located in Casa do Curro, is a space that deserves a visit, helping to understand the particularities of a unique grape variety.

It provides interactive information on the origin, evolution and companies linked to this wine and you can even purchase some of the best bottles of Alvarinho.

Monção Castle

Monção Castle

On the other side of the river Minho, is Spain. As such, for many centuries it was important to fortify the Portuguese side, even to prevent some surprises from “our brothers”.

Well then, the Castle of Monção dates back to the dawn of nationality, the exact date of the beginning of its construction being unknown, with news of an addition already in the reign of D. Dinis. The bastioned fortress was built after the Declaration of Independence in 1640. There it is, the Spaniards…

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