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An ‘invisible car’ has gone viral on the internet because no one can find it

Although at first glance we might think that someone decided to photograph his leafy backyard, if we sharpen our eyes we will see that there is a lake that is out of place in this image.

What is a wheel doing in that image? Is there something that escapes us with the naked eye in this image? Have a black car right under your nose!

After observing it for a few minutes we will see that the image actually shows a black car so clean and spotless that reflects its surroundings.

As expected, this curious image did not take long to go viral as soon as it appeared in a Reddit thread. Users were so stumped that one reply to the post admitted that it took more than two minutes find the vehicle.

Some users were quick to refer to the movie predatorstating that this image had brought back memories of the aliens classic 1987 thriller.

Other users suggested that the image was false and that it had been tampered with, suggesting that the reflection showed a crack that was not in the ground.

Although it seems like an unreal photo, there may be a scientific explanation for this, or at least that’s how I tried to explain it.

«I don’t usually do CGI / 3D modeling, but I think there is a concept within PBR (Physically-based rendering) that holds that, any material can be equally reflective what a mirror if you look at it from the right angle. What happens is that, for most surfaces, this angle is too extreme, almost impossible to see.

How long did it take you to find the car? Do you think the image is real or do you think it has been manipulated. Leave us your answer in the comments!

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