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An image of a forest goes viral by hiding a face that few can see

Today we bring you something entertaining. Can you see the hidden face in the illusion below? It is not easy to find and there are many who go crazy looking for it. people comment:

“I’m going crazy? I have found several birds. Others add: “Someone please reveal to me where the face is! I’m a bit clumsy and can’t see anything in the picture!”

It’s unclear who created this illusion, but it’s definitely a lot of fun. Even better if you try to challenge a friend! Take your time and try to find the face yourself before looking at the answer (and there’s no use peeking at it!)

You found it? Do not be impatient…

Are you sure you have spent enough time on it? Come on, take a closer look.

If you really have already tried and given up, then we show you the answer.

However, I must warn you that it was a bit scary when I first saw it.

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I have to confess that very few people have managed to find their faces. I hope you liked this illusion and now it’s time to test more people.

Do not doubt share it with all your friends!

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