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an Alentejo secret in the heart of Alandroal

Terena is a small parish, but full of attractions that leave anyone amazed. Go to Alentejo and get to know them.

terena is located in the beautiful region of Alentejo and is a parish in the municipality of Alandroal. It is also known as São Pedro de Terena or, simply, São Pedro. Its history is revealing of its longevity.

Its origin dates back to Roman or Carthaginian times and it was there that the first people to settle in this place appeared. There are some megalithic remains from prehistoric times in the region, such as the schist Antas do Lucas.

a well kept secret

The streets of Terena stretch peacefully through a landscape that evokes much of the Alentejo reflected in literature or travel guides. The serenity of every corner, the houses covered in colored bands and the domain of a towering castle, make this small parish a treat for all who visit.

The innumerable heritage that is possible to observe, contemplates spaces where one breathes antiquity, side by side with a tradition well rooted in Alentejo customs. Beyond the castle, the Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora da Boa Nova, the Igreja Matriz de São Pedro, the Igreja da Misericórdia, the Capela de Santo António, the Hermitages of São Sebastião or the ruins of the Ermida de Santa Clara, are points of visit mandatory. This in addition to the parish’s pillory, the Clock Tower, the Roman ruins of the village of Endovélico or the ruins of the castro of Castelo Velho.

Another point of interest in the region is the Lucifécit Dam, located northwest of Terena, which takes advantage of a small tributary of the Guadiana River, the Ribeira de Lucifécit. It serves to irrigate agricultural fields and forms a vast mirror of water next to the road that connects Alandroal to Monsaraz. It is a stunning landscape that will allow for some unforgettable images.

Saint Peter of Terena: brief history

The Knight D. Gil Martins and D. Maria João (his wife) granted their first Charter in the 13th century (more specifically in February 1262), with interest and commitment to populate this land. Later, the King D. Manuel I granted him the Foral of Reading Nova, more specifically on October 10, 1514.

In the history of this locality, the important role it played in the border defense of the Guadiana, where its castle was pontificated, stands out. In 1836, the municipality of Terena was extinguished, which became part of the municipality of Alandroal.

The legend from Terena

The Sanctuary has an interesting legend. Legend has it that the Queen of Castile (D. Maria) traveled there in order to ask King D. Afonso IV of Portugal (her father) to help Afonso XI of Castile (her husband) in the Battle of Salado, against the moors.

However, King D. Afonso IV refused to provide this assistance, demanding that his son-in-law (Afonso XI of Castile) personally make this request. Afonso XI (D. Maria’s husband) proceeded as King D. Afonso IV requested and he sent the indispensable and desired help.

This good news, the news of this Royal Decision, reached D. Maria precisely in the place where the beautiful Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora da Boa Nova de Terena is erected. The princess of Portugal immediately promised to have a building built to honor this good news, thus perpetuating her gratitude.

Terena is right next to the large Alqeuva reservoir

Alqueva so close

With the heat tightening, one of the great attractions of the region is the large lake of Alqueva. It has a reservoir of 250 square kilometers, covers five municipalities in the Alentejo and has many points of interest. After all, it is the largest man-made lake in Europe.

On the right bank there are (and beyond Terena) the castles of Juromenha, Alandroal, Monsaraz and Portel. On the left bank, head to Mourão e Moura to enjoy spectacular viewpoints over this idyllic setting.

The Alqueva Dam is a source of pride for the locals, with its small islets and small pieces of land that make up a landscape that could only belong to the calm and gentle Alentejo. And a dip in its waters, always at pleasant temperatures, is a precious help to fight the Alentejo heatwave.

Where to eat in the region

There are several spaces where you can taste the best of local cuisine. Follow our list and choose. The guarantee is that you will always find those irresistible dishes from Alentejo cuisine.

  • Restaurante Cervejaria Boa Nova (N255 6).
  • Snack bar O Botas (Municipal Road 1111 17B, Terena).
  • Adega dos Ramalhos (Largo Major Rocadas 2 Alandroal).
  • Recanto do Fado (Caminho Municipal, Estrada 1118, Alandroal).
  • Restaurante A Maria (Rua João Deus 12, Apartado 6, Alandroal).
  • Restaurant “A chaminé” (Rua do Pinheiro, 12, Alandroal).
  • Alandroal Lounge (Rua 5 de Outubro, 10, Alandroal).
  • Zé do Alto Restaurant (Rua Olivença, 26, Alandroal).

Where sleep

There are many options for sleeping in Terena or Alandroal. Accept one of our suggestions.

  • Herdade dos Barros (National Road 255).
  • Houses of Juromenha (Ribeira de Mures 7250-242 Juromenha Alandroal).
  • Herdade Deluques (Herdade do Lucas 7250 – 066 Terena).
  • Monte dos Vicentes (Monte dos Vicentes, 7250 – 065 Terena).
  • Herdade D. Pedro (Herdade D. Pedro – Terena 7250-202 – Alandroal).
  • Landroal Residential (Rua António José de Almeida, 7 Alandroal).
  • Nave Terra (Herdade Nave de Baixo 7250-053 Mina do Bugalho).
  • Monte da Fonte Santa (National Road 255 7250-201 Alandroal).
  • Terena’s House (Rua Direita, 45 7250-065 Terena).
  • Country house Alcaide Pêro Rodrigues (Rua Alexandre Herculano, 43, Alandroal).
  • Alandroal Guest House (Rua 5 de Outubro, nº 4 7250-119 Alandroal).

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