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an adventure in Vila de Rei

The Penedo Furado Walkways wind through a region of unsuspected beauties. Venture around Vila de Rei.

If you’ve heard of the Penedo Furado walkwaysbut you haven’t visited them yet or if you’ve simply never heard of such a place, know that this article is exactly for you and you have many reasons to read it until the end.

Although the inauguration of the Penedo Furado Walkways is recent, the charm and attractions of this region have long conquered tourists who, due to its nature, landscape and river beach, cannot resist visiting this place, especially in the summer months.

Therefore, if you have never been to this area located in the municipality of Vila de Rei, you should know that with the opening of the Penedo Furado Walkways, you have even more good reason to do so, preferably taking advantage of the warm weather that is coming. .

Penedo Furado walkways: history and nature side by side

The Penedo Furado Walkways are located in King’s Village (Castelo Branco) and connect the River Beach to the waterfalls?? The construction work took about 4 months and represented an investment of more than 90 thousand euros. Basically, these walkways enrich one of the most visited places in the municipality, making visiting the area more pleasant, safe and accessible.

The route extends over 532 linear meters, with a bridge at the end of the route. Along the trail, you can find platforms for resting, benches and viewpoints, from where you can admire the landscape of mountains, hills and houses, the Ribeira do Codes and the dam dam of Castelo do Bode.

At this moment, some routes and pedestrian routes are already available, such as: the Bufareiras Trail, Conheiras Route, Great Silver and Gold Route and Great Zêzere Route??

However, this project does not stop there, as there is an intention to expand the current Walkways, in order to reach other viewpoints and reach an increasingly broader area of ​​the Penedo Furado region.

There is no shortage of waterfalls along the entire route.

Penedo Furado: surrounding trails

One of the main attractions of this area is its tree-lined river beach, full of waterfallsall framed by rocks that make this space a paradisiacal and very picturesque refuge.

Precisely for this reason, this is the most popular seaside resort in Vila de Rei, offering bathers clear and crystalline waters.

As this current is shallow and, in recent years, its water has been classified as Good to Excellent, it is ideal for families, not to mention campers who find their beach of choice here.

In addition to cooling off and contemplating the landscape, you can practice some sports activities, such as hiking, climbing, rappel, slide and canoeing. This, in addition to the games and games that you can play in the recreation and leisure areas.

Suspension bridge in Arouca

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And for those who like to explore every corner of the places they visit, know that in the highest area, there is a giant rock with a large funnel-shaped opening that is precisely responsible for giving its name not only to this beach, but to the entire the region.

That’s where the Viewpoint of Penedo Furadofrom where it is possible to admire the magnificent surrounding landscape.

Still in this place, on the right side of the viewpoint, there is a niche with the image of Nossa Senhora dos Caminhos. After passing this image, follow the side trail and access the lower part of the cliff, towards the river beach, passing through the “Painted Fag??

Located on the right bank of Ribeira do Codes, below the Miradouro, this “Bicha” is, in fact, a fossil that is believed to be over 480 million years old and that is inserted on top of a layer of dark gray quartzite, 30 cm thick.

For those who can’t do without a good view, also go to the Viewpoint of Fragas do Rabadão, where there is also a via-sacra and a small sanctuary, composed of statuettes offered by popular people.

From this viewpoint, you can have a view that goes as far as the Castelo de Bode reservoir, and you can follow another trail, confluent with the previous one.

If you are not tired of walking yet, you can take the Bufareiras Trailwhich will culminate in Praia Fluvial.

Along the way, you will pass old paths that will take you to the area of ​​Bufareiras, a place full of natural waterfalls and a strong rocky massif. In this video, see some of the landscapes you can enjoy. And have a good trip!

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