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Americanas opens more than 500 jobs throughout Brazil

The pandemic context greatly affected the generation of jobs and, consequently, further reduced the number of skilled labor in the country.

As the current market requires both innovation and people who want to overcome the challenges in this difficult context, the Americanas SA store is offering vacancies to seek these characteristics.

Therefore, check now how to register to guarantee your place in the program and what are the opportunities offered by the store.

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What jobs are offered?

As already mentioned, the store is looking for new professionals willing to face the competitiveness of the current market with a lot of creativity and innovation for current standards.

Therefore, the available positions were interns at the store and retail supervisors. The vacancies total 500 for several cities in Brazil. Pay attention to the registration deadline, as they will go until the 30th of September.

Source/Reproduction: Americanas.com.br

The position of retail supervisor consists of observing and guiding the team that is working, giving instructions to comply with the requirements of the company. It is also up to the supervisor to define schedules, scales and organization of the establishment.

As for the position of store intern, it is up to the function of serving people, making sales and helping to maintain customer portfolios through persuasive proposals.

How to apply for the American selection?

In order to enroll, in-store interns must first be studying graduation with graduation scheduled for December 2021 or July 2022. As for future retail supervisors, higher education with two years of graduation is required.

After this part is completed, applicants will undergo a curriculum check, some interviews with managers and the People & Management team, and other tests to ensure the individual’s preparation.

After passing the tests, future workers are entitled to Transportation Vouchers, Meal Vouchers, scholarships and other benefits that must be considered.For more information about supervisor vacancies, Click here. For information about internships, Click here. Stay informed of everything by constantly accessing the site.

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