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American kitchen – Models and photos

Read the article American kitchen – Models and photos and discover how to take advantage of this environment in the house, which in recent years has become a true living space. Today, people don’t stay in the kitchen just to cook and wash dishes. This room has become a true invitation for a chat, thanks to the integration of environments.

American kitchen – Models and photos (Photo: Disclosure)

THE American kitchen – Models and photos it’s not just a question of sophistication and modernity. This kitchen model helps save time, energy and recover vital space in the house. The new design allows, for example, to reserve space for a table with small and comfortable benches around it to gather people while food is being prepared.

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What this article covers:

American kitchen – Models and photos

The kitchen has always been the focal point of the house, since our grandparents’ time. Today it continues to be that way, a place where people spend hours chatting and cooking, but without that old sexist story that the kitchen is a place for women only.

That’s why it’s worth investing a little more “dim dim” in this part of the house. Evaluate prices and places specializing in this type of cuisine and have a beautiful place to gather friends and family.

American cuisine tips

The American kitchen is integrated with other areas of the house (Photo: Disclosure)

American cuisine has already become something indispensable in Brazilian homes. It is modern, practical and allows direct interaction with other rooms in the house, such as the living room and dining room.

We’ve put together some tips and suggestions for American kitchen – Models and photos🇧🇷 Check out:

bet on white

White stands out as the most favorable color for an American kitchen. Whether on the furniture or on the walls, it conveys the feeling of cleanliness and also provides a sense of spaciousness. The colorful touch can be due to the glass inserts in the coating.

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Occupy the walls with cupboards and shelves.

enjoy the walls

If the American kitchen has limited space, then the most recommended thing is to use shelves and suspended cabinets to take advantage of the walls. This way, there will be more free horizontal area for circulation.

aesthetic harmony

The American kitchen is an environment that integrates with other rooms in the house, so it is important that the same style is followed when decorating. The kitchen floor, for example, must be the same as the neighboring room. When carrying out a project in this style, it is interesting to have a professional who guides and has the ability to match the environments, not doing them in the same style, but one that complements the other.

The range hood cannot be missing from the American kitchen (Photo: Disclosure)

Install a good hood

The hood is an essential item for any integrated kitchen, after all, it prevents smoke and the smell of frying from spreading throughout the house. The interesting thing about having an American kitchen is that it takes advantage of the space and that works great for small homes. In addition, there is even greater circulation of air and light in an American style living room and kitchen. Today, among the innovations in the decoration and architecture sector, the most coveted kitchens have the American style.

American cuisine pictures

Get inspired by American Kitchen – Models and photos and create a wonderful environment to cook and also receive friends. If you want to know even more about decoration and the latest trends, check out our other decoration articles, tips and step by step. And, of course, if you have any suggestions on a topic or subject for an article, share it with Mundo das Tribos, commenting below or on social networks.

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