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American Kitchen Design

American kitchens have been in great demand in the market in general, they are much sought after precisely because they offer some advantages and also provide a beautiful design that can also easily please all tastes and expectations. The American kitchen is specifically suited for small spaces, as a result it provides greater interaction between family members.

Here are some tips on projects that are intended for kitchens of this type and that may help you to achieve your purchases more easily.

What this article covers:

American Kitchen Project

Interested in getting a american kitchen design, should get in touch with companies that provide services and that can be very efficient in this regard. We recommend that you use the websites of companies that work with construction and also always provide good suggestions so that you can make your acquisitions more easily. On the internet you can find a lot of information of this type, but you have to be careful and be aware of the size of the project.

See here in the article american kitchen pictures who always offer good suggestions so that you can find tips and ideas regarding the models presented to take as an influence and apply them in your home. In this regard, without a doubt, there are many photos with amazing models and tips for small kitchens, as well as decorations, furniture and many more tips.

Small American kitchen suggestion

An excellent suggestion for anyone thinking of planned american kitchen is to get in touch with companies that have been working for years with planned kitchen projects and that will undoubtedly be useful for you to find something that meets your needs.

Accessing the websites of the companies, it is also possible to find many suggestions and possibilities that are available to build your kitchen. There are also other companies that are available in the market and that offer similar services to their customers. It is interesting to research to find out what you can find, and also which are the ones that offer you the best prices and possibilities so that you can make your purchases more easily.

Be sure to use our tips to be able to find something that correctly meets your needs. An interesting important tip is to install powerful hoods, it’s no use just investing in decoration if you don’t have something to help and overcome certain annoyances.

American Kitchen Island Models

The island is an accessory that is very fashionable in American kitchens, in addition to being very useful for storing objects and food, it makes the environment much more cozy and pleasant to be cooking in it.

Built-in Cabinets on the Island

The cabinets built into the island are perfect for storing food or kitchen accessories, as they are located under the island and do not take up space. An excellent choice for those with a small kitchen.

Invest in Chairs for the Island

The chairs are more comfortable and give the island a more sophisticated look and not that bar look, with high stools. The chairs are special and can be made of various materials, such as iron, wood, plastic, among others.

Wall Coating

Wall cladding is essential to make the kitchen cozy and stylish. You can opt for decorated coatings, or smooth coatings, but with sober and light colors, so as not to give the impression of being small.

Use light fixtures to decorate

Lighting in the kitchen adds a touch of elegance and can match colors and style. Pendant lamps are the most used today and can be stylish as well as simple and modern.

American Kitchen Projects

If you don’t have the money to hire an architect to make an American kitchen, you can search the internet, which has several models and styles of very interesting projects and you don’t have to spend anything to get the projects.

Furniture for compact kitchens Celmar

To access the Celmar website and find photos and other information to contact the company, we recommend using the following link:🇧🇷 See the list of stores where they are available so you can make your queries, specifically in the city of São Paulo:

  • Berta Móveis e Decorações Ltda – ME – Mooca
  • Gobbi & Soares Moveis Planejados Ltda – Vl. Roman
  • HHal Com. and Prest. From Serv. Ins. Mov. Ltda Epp – Interlagos
  • Lange e Lopes Electric Trade. Ltda – ME – Butantã
  • Millena Maria Almeida Martines – Lar Center
  • Mirella Maria Almeida Martines – Moema
  • Premium Com. and Prest. of Serv. of Inst. of Furniture Jd. Analia – Franco
  • Prime House Furniture and Uti trade. Sun. Ltda – Shopping Aricanduva
  • Sousa Prado Comércio de Móveis Planejados Ltd Me – Morumbi

Access the website right now to check addresses of companies where they are available in other cities where the stores are available.

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