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American Cradle Mosquito Net

American Cradle Musketeer is the main recommendation for the protection of newborns and babies. Parents should opt for choosing larger models that result in safety, comfort and practicality. The musketeer model for american cradle is one of the complete recommendations available in the market. Check out more details about the product, benefits and pricing.

American Crib Mosquito Net. (Image: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

Why choose American Cradle Musketeers?

Many parents still have doubts about the musketeer. To use or not in the child’s crib? In fact, the musketeer is considered an important accessory for the safety of babies, as they protect them against mosquito bites, insects and mosquitoes in general. Nowadays, it is an indispensable item in the trousseau. They are more than essential, given the increase in records of cases of diseases transmitted by mosquitoes. Aedes Aegyptthroughout Brazil.

In the North, Northeast and Midwest regions of the country, the American cradle mosquito is fundamental, since these are places that accumulate high temperatures and, with this, a higher incidence of insects, among them, the transmitters of dengue. Even with the air-conditioning on, pediatricians recommend the use of the accessory to avoid nocturnal bites.

Among the best-selling models in the Brazilian market, the American standard piece stands out. They have larger dimensions than the national standard, measuring from 1.30 m by 60 cm, a safe size for the baby to move more calmly without hitting the crib rails.

American Cradle Musketeer – Types, fabrics and prices!

There are beautiful musketeer options for American cribs on the market. (Image: Disclosure)

On the market, there are four different types of mosquito nets: Clothesline, Half clothesline, Whole clothesline, which covers the entire crib, around and on the ceiling, which are fixed at a point on the bedroom ceiling over the crib,

American cradle musketeer fabrics are available in Brazil, in different brands and manufactures. The pieces found on the market are made with safe, durable and comfortable fabrics. In addition, they have different styles of decoration.

The consumer can find, on the internet, on product search sites, such as free market, products with varied prices. A clothesline-type mosquito net for American cribs, measuring 1 meter 40 by 70 cm, made with thicker and more rigid fabric, therefore more resistant and with easy maintenance, washing and ironing. Some have tulle, with more open weaves for air to pass through. On average, the models are 6 meters wide and can be customized to the size of the crib. These characteristics are sold for R$247.00, on average, by imported brands.

At the Free Market, however, standard American Crib Musketeers, the Varal model, in assorted colors, cost R$46.00, R$90.00 and up to R$120.00, with tulle and frilly options.

It is important to emphasize that the musketeers can also be found for sale along with the complete kit of the American standard crib. Normally, there are 8 items, with pieces such as headboard, sides, quilt, top and bottom sheet and pillowcase.

Questions about the musketeers

You need to take some special care with the musketeer for American cribs. (Image: Disclosure)

Many people are afraid to use the musketeer because they believe that the fabric of the piece is capable of accumulating dust or dirt that comes from the air of big cities. However, to avoid the problem, today, the pieces are made with tulle, lace or filo, which do not accumulate impurities, and are easy and quick to wash.

Types of cribs and musketeers

Cribs with half a clothesline have a clothesline that goes halfway through the crib. Therefore, the mosquito net is attached to the end of this clothesline and its cloth is thrown over the crib.

On the whole clothesline, the clothesline covers the entire length of the crib, causing the mosquito netting to fall down the sides of the clothesline.

Ceiling mosquito nets, as the name implies, are fixed at a point on the bedroom ceiling and the mosquito net fabric falls over the crib.

The four options are valid, as they protect your baby well and are made in different ways simply for aesthetics. Therefore, it is your personal taste that will choose the best one for your child.

models of musketeers

Do your research and find the best musketeer for your desired crib. (Image: Disclosure)

Many models of mosquito nets are available on the market. If you like everything to match, it’s best to buy a crib kit with an American pattern🇧🇷 as the sheets and blankets must be in a larger size. Usually, the kit comes with 8 pieces, which are 1 quilt, 1 headboard, 2 sides, 1 top sheet, 1 bottom sheet with elastic band, 1 pillowcase and a mosquito net for American cribs.

Most kits are made from cotton, the best fabric for babies as they are warm and soft. Embroidery, percale or dyed yarn are used to make the ornaments that accompany the pieces. In some kits, figures made of cloth are glued to the fabric, such as dolls, butterflies, ducklings, little hearts, among others. Everything to make your baby’s room more beautiful. Prices for American crib kits are in the range of R$70.00 to R$400.00.

However, if you prefer to buy only the American crib mosquito net, there are also numerous models, both plain and patterned. Prefer to buy mosquito nets with screens with smaller holes, to completely prevent insects from entering the crib. There are also mosquito nets that come with insecticide in their fabric. It is not harmful to human health, but it effectively kills any insect that dares to bite your baby. Mosquito nets can be found for R$25.00 to R$90.00.

Before buying the American crib mosquito net, research prices and models in stores and on the internet. Thus, you can find the model that best matches your baby’s room at the lowest price. Protect your baby with style and affordability.

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