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Amazonite, the quartz that restores hope: how to use it to have faith in yourself

One of the most powerful energy tools to regain hope when you need it most are quartz, and the one that has the spiritual properties indicated to restore your faith in yourself is the amazonite.

this ore It is characterized by being a bluish greenish tone. and for many years it has been known as “the stone of hope” because it is believed that it returns illusions and desires to its bearer.

Its main energetic property, precisely, is amplify hope through mindset inspiration, empowerment and optimism. According to an article in Mind Body Green, where crystal experts are cited, working with this quartz trains the mind to give positive results, that is, it takes us out of the darkness and helps us stay in the light.

However, granting hope is not the only benefit we can get from Amazonite. It is also a stone that allows us to connect with the heart chakra, so that eliminates fears, worries and encourages us to believe in what our intuition says.

In addition, it increases our personal confidence by making us look more empowered and encourages us to stay strong in the face of adversity.

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To obtain the benefits of amazonite, it is enough to meditate. Photo: Shutterstock

How to use amazonite to have hope?

The easiest way to tune its energetic benefits with our spirit is to use it in meditations.. It is enough to hold it with your dominant hand, close your eyes and start with breathing exercises, later and when you feel relaxed, visualize how its energy reaches your heart.

Another technique that experts at mindbodygreen.com teach us is to grab it with your hand and recite an affirmation like “I have hope” 3 times, close your eyes to think about the situation that takes us away from faith and ask the universe “what lesson do I have?” leave this situation and what can you do for me’” and, finally, visualize how a blue-green energy fills our hearts.

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