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Amazing home page for Google Chrome

Incredible Startpage is a browser extension for Google Chrome that adds functionality to the Google Chrome New Tab page.

The standard blank tab page in the Google Chrome browser is already quite useful. It displays popular websites as thumbnails, a text link to browse bookmarks that have been added to the browser, a list of recently closed tabs, and a link to full browsing history.

The Incredible Startpage extension for Google Chrome offers an alternative to the standard browser start page. Replaces the standard new tab page with a new one. This new page displays four items on the screen, including recently closed tabs (no link to history), bookmarks, a selected bookmarks folder, and notes.

The bookmarks folder shown in detail is adorned with a background image from Flickr. A total of four different Flickr keywords and five color schemes are available to beautify the home page. This adds a nice little touch to the otherwise bland browser home page.

amazing home page

The note might be interesting for some Chrome users. Notes can be added to the home page that remain on the page even after the web browser is closed so that they can be read again on the next launch, which is useful for reminders. Also, it is possible to post the note to Gmail directly from the homepages interface.

Amazing StartPage beautifies the blank tab page of Google Chrome. This comes at the cost of approximately 30 megabytes of computer memory needed by the extension.

The Chrome web browser extension can be downloaded and installed directly from the Google Chrome extension gallery.

To update: Incredible Startpage is still available in the Google Chrome web store. In the meantime, the developers have updated the extension several times. The new version, for example, supports multiple notebooks, while previous versions only supported one.

There’s also a new “my apps” list that lists apps you’ve installed, and a new search filter option to quickly find bookmarks or apps.

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