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Amanda Miguel reacts to the video of Chucho, the boy who sang his song “Castillos” and went viral

amanda miguel once again went viral. This after a video of a child singing one of his hits reached his hands.

Although the little one does not fully master the lyrics, the little that is known even acted it. This simple fact It was enough for everyone to laugh with him and be moved by his talent and, of course, excellent musical taste..

As expected, the singer found out and He immediately reacted to the video where little Chucho is singing on his old tricycle and with an expression of agony.

The same thing that only those to whom the lyrics reach the bottom of their hearts can do. It should be noted that the child stops his march to exhaust his little hands at the moment he sings the saddest part of “Castles”.

As soon as the recording came into her hands, Amanda Miguel shared the noble moment on her Instagram account.

“I already saw you, Chucho! Dear friends, they sent me this video of Chucho singing with so much feeling that I want to share it with you. He is divine ”wrote the also Argentine composer.

As it was expected, The reactions of Internet users did not wait, of which the actress Consuelo Duval stood out.

“Chucho represents your fans. I can not stop watching. We loooove Chucho and his little faces with feeling DE PIEDRA!!”, wrote the also comedian.

In a world plagued by reggaeton and regional, it is strange that a little one likes, sings and even performs a song that was recorded in the distant year of 1983. The success of Amanda Miguel comes from the album “El Sonido Volumen 2” which earned her place in the first places of popularity and sales.

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