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Amanda Bynes has been discharged from the treatment home

A few weeks ago, the actress Amanda Bynes was admitted to a treatment center after a psychotic episode. Now Bynes has been discharged from the treatment home, it says TMZ.

Photo: Instagram @amanda.bynes1986

At the end of March, actress Amanda Bynes was found naked on a street in Los Angeles, where she stopped a car and explained that she was recovering from a “psychotic episode”. Shortly thereafter, Bynes was admitted to a treatment facility in Southern California.

Continuing to receive care

Now TMZ reports that Bynes has been discharged from the treatment home, this when both she herself and the medical staff have judged that she is ready to return to her daily life.

According to TMZ, however, Bynes will continue to receive help from doctors and specialists to cope with everyday life – she has recently had her own accommodation, which she will reportedly continue with.

Until last year, Bynes lived in a guardianship that gave her mother control over her health care and safety. After the guardianship ended, the actress issued a written statement to the newspaper Rolling Stone:

“Words cannot describe how I feel. Wonderful news. Following today’s decision by the judge to end my guardianship, I would like to thank my fans for their love and well wishes during this time,” she said.

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