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Álvaro Morales overwhelmed the FMF and assured that they do not hire Ignacio Ambriz for being “brown”

Ignacio Ambriz during a 2022 Opening Tournament match with Toluca.

Photo: Agustin Cuevas/Getty Images

The controversial Mexican journalist Álvaro Morales was once again a trend on social networks due to a controversial opinion in which he accuses the Mexican Football Federation (FMF) of being racist and not having Ignacio Ambriz as a candidate for the Tri coach for being “brown”.

During the ‘Fútbol Picante’ program last Friday broadcast on ESPN, Morales stated that the DT from Toluca did not fit the profile because he had a “brown” genotype that the sponsoring brands did not like.

“It is not a question of profile or a commercial question, it is a matter of racism. Nacho Ambriz having a dark profile is a shame, there is racial discrimination; the issue with him is racial,” he started.

“When they say he has no personality, I’ll say it like this: he’s a real bastard.**. In this soccer industry that in our country was founded by the Creoles, the issue with Nacho, who has all the credentials, is racial.

Subsequently, the panelist León Lecanda agreed with the opinion of his partner and reported that until Friday night, Ambriz had not had any type of interview, contact or call with the National Teams Commission, Rodrigo Ares de Parga, Yon de Luisa or Jaime Ordiales.

During the program, Lecanda and Morales were surprised that the strategist was not chosen as a candidate and even presented his extensive resume. Ambriz won the Concacaf Champions League with Club América; MX Cup with Necaxa; League champion with León and finals. In addition, he coached in Europe when he coached Huesca of Spain’s La Liga.

“He was also captain of the Mexican team and they don’t even take him into account. This industry is run by racists. This country is quite racist,” added Morales.

That would not be Morales’s only controversy in this program, because while he was on the air he received a call from veteran coach Ricardo ‘Tuca’ Ferretti and without knowing that he was live, he expressed his opinion about the appointment of the new DT of El Tri and left fall that it would not be Miguel ‘Piojo’ Herrera.

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