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Álvaro Morales mocks Guillermo Ochoa who warmed up the bench in Italy: “He doesn’t even know how to get out from below”

Guillermo ‘Memo’ Ochoa, Mexican goalkeeper for Salernitana in Serie A in Italy.

Photo: Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images

After six games as a starter since he was hired after leaving the Águilas del América, the Mexican goalkeeper Guillermo ‘Memo’ Ochoa was sent to the bench to the detriment of the team captain, Luigi Sepe, who returned to action after a long injury.

The detractors of the experienced goalkeeper have come out to issue harsh criticism against him, especially the always controversial Alvaro Moralesthat use your space in the program Spicy Soccer of ESPN to detract from Ochoa’s performance and assures that “his career is over.”

“He doesn’t know how to go out from above, now he doesn’t even know how to go out from below, they don’t represent him well and they send him to a pure team that are thrashing him,” criticized the ‘showman’ Álvarito Morales about Paco Memo’s style of play and the colossal number of goals he has conceded since 2023 began in the Italian Serie A.

For the communicator too It is the responsibility of Ochoa’s agent for the news that he now livessince Salernitana is a club with a terrible defense and that fights to maintain the category at the bottom of the table, very different from Club América that disputes to win the MX League and that had him as the starter and captain of the squad.

Ricardo Puig, also present in the discussion, contradicted Álvaro Morales and highlighted Guillermo Ochoa’s qualities as a goalkeeper, whom he sees regaining ownership and keeping it until the end of the season, when his contract with the port club ends.

Since his debut with Salernitana on January 4 (1-2 defeat against AC Milan), Guillermo Ochoa has played a total of six games, in which he has conceded 17 goals, despite this the institution honored him with the award for MVP of the month of January.

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