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Álvaro Morales is now DT: The ESPN commentator has already received the title from the FMF

Alvaro Morales already has the title to exercise as football team coach. The controversial commentator completed the Endit Technical Management Training programwhich belongs to the Mexican Soccer Federation (FMF).

For 2 years, the member of the ESPN cast alternated his work as a commentator and analyst with studying the program, and his dedication has already paid off, since a few days ago he received the title of technical director of the 2020-2022 generation.

During the pandemic I decided to study soccer courses, analysis, video analysis, tactics, training, until I decided to study at the National School of Technical Directors of the FMF and obtain the corresponding licenses.”, the commentator revealed to ESPN.

“I wanted to put that knowledge into practice, the theoretical and field knowledge at school, I wanted to put it into practice,” he added.

It is worth remembering that after completing his studies, although he had not yet been awarded his degree, Morales He worked for several weeks as a technical assistant for Valle de Xico FC, a team from the third Mexican division.

In the graduation ceremony that was held a few days ago, the titles were awarded to 113 people who graduated from the training programs in technical management, physical preparation and professional refereeing. Nationwide, 433 people graduated from the 16 campuses of the National Training System.

Among the graduates who received their title as DT, In addition to Álvaro Morales, there was also the former player of América Paul Aguilar.

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