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Alum stone: what are its spiritual benefits

Alum stone is known for its cosmetic properties, for example, it is an alternative to deodorant by preventing sweating and eliminating bad odours. But beyond the aesthetic uses, It is an alternative to ward off bad energies and attract positive ones for its spiritual benefits.yes

Alum is a mineral composed mainly of sulfate and aluminum. distinguished by its white color. It is a quartz to which interesting energetic properties are attributed, mainly, it promotes positivism in spaces, which is why it is one of the favorites in Feng Shui.

Among its spiritual uses, in addition to promoting positive energy, is serving as a protection amulet against negativity and envy, attracts money and good fortune, prevents insomnia, avoids nightmares and attracts love.

How to use the power of alum stone?

The energetic uses of the alum stone are diverse. As AD Magazine explained, it depends on the objective and how to use it. It is enough to wear it as a talisman to obtain its protection against bad energies or place it as a home decoration.

To use it as an energy catalyst, that is, to absorb negative energies and convert them into positive ones, the stone should be placed in a container with water and placed in the spaces where energy cleaning is needed.

If you want to keep your home protected and prevent bad energies from entering, you should place it at the front door of your house.

To attract love, cut a piece of the mineral and put it in a red cloth bag. You must keep this amulet in your room.

How to purify the home using alum stone?

One of the most powerful uses of alum stone is to energetically purify the home. Dissolve a few pieces of alum in a container with water, add rosemary leaves and linden bark. Let stand overnight and the next morning, clean floors, windows, furniture and doors with this mixture.

Ritual to cure the evil eye with alum

If you want to expel the evil eye, alum is a powerful ally. Pass the alum over the affected person’s body, from head to toe, and then place it in a clay pot. With the help of charcoal, cinnamon or palo santo, burn it and let the smoke spread throughout the house, taking care to open doors and windows to ventilate the spaces.

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