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Although they asked for the maximum penalty for Pablo Lyle, the actor was sentenced to 5 years in prison

This On February 3, a sentence of 5 years in prison was handed down for the actor Paul Lyletime in which the time he has been under house arrest since March 2019 will be taken into account, which could translate to just over a year of arrest; to the above must be added 8 years probation and anger management therapy, as well as 500 hours of community service; however, minutes before the victim’s family asked the judge for the maximum penalty.

According to the images released through social networks, the family of the deceased, Juan Ricardo Hernández, headed by Mercedes Arcehis sentimental partner, asked the judge in charge that Pablo Lyle be sentenced to remain in prison for as many years as possible, which could have been up to 15 years.

I ask God to give both families strength, that’s why I want justice to be done to my old man and I ask that he be given the most“, declared Mercedes Arce.

During the speech that was taken up by ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’, she also pointed out that the man of Cuban nationality “was a good husband, he was a good father” and he was the best for her, in addition to assuring that this was the only time she had involved in such an incident.

“He had never gotten out of a car, which surprised me because I never, I always talked to him and he never had that way of getting out,” he explained, in addition to reiterating that it was probably not his intention to kill him, “but in a second they pass things and every act has its consequences.

For his part, the son of the deceased man, Juan Ricardo Hernández, also had the opportunity to ask the judge for the maximum number of years in prison.

I ask on behalf of myself and our family that Mr. Pablo Lyle be given the maximum sentence“he added.

Before learning the sentence, the Mexican actor also addressed everyone present to apologize to the victim’s family, assuring that he could not forget the moment the fight occurred, a moment that accompanies him all the time.

“His relative lost his life because of something I did, something that will be with me, haunts me when I go to sleep at night and is still there when I wake up,” he said.

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